One Of The Top Triumph Dealers In Townsville

Triumph Dealers In Townsville

Triumph motorcycles are known for their classic style, supreme craftsmanship, and a legacy of riding connoisseurs. If you've made the decision to join this legacy by owning a Triumph motorcycle, you're probably looking for the best Triumph dealers in Townsville to complete your purchase. You want to find a dealer who matches your style, and your clear attention to excellence.

At Rising Sun Motorsports, we understand what customer service means. Our full complement of trained staff is ready to help you make the decision on which model Triumph to buy. With financing opportunities, and insurance quotes, we are the full-service dealership for all of your motorcycle buying needs. With their low fuel usage, and excellent fuel economy, motorcycles offer extreme value in transportation for your money. Their compact size makes them ideal for tight and difficult parking situations, and their speed is uncompromised in comparison to other larger vehicles.

But buying a motorcycle is about more than convenience for your finances and transit, it's a lifestyle decision. We understand that decision, and are ready to pair you with the motorcycle of your dreams.

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The Experienced Dealer For Your Triumph Purchase

When buying such an outstanding piece of machinery such as a Triumph motorcycle, you want to know that your dealer understands the importance of this decision. As one of the top Triumph dealers in Townsville, we know motorcycles and all that goes into the purchase process.

We are your top choice for a Triumph purchase because:

  • We have over 38 years of experience selling motorcycles
  • Our 50 member team is experienced and knowledgeable about all Triumph motorbikes
  • We offer financing options and insurance quotes
  • We are dedicated to customer satisfaction

With our commitment to customer service, we seek to not only meet your needs, but also to exceed your expectations. Through every step of the process, from selecting the model of Triumph motorcycle you love, to financing and insurance, to the final signature, we are ready to help you make the motorcycle purchase you've always wanted. Visit our dealership in the Rising Sun Complex and learn more about what we have to offer in customer service, and quality Triumph motorcycles.

A Variety Of Exceptional Triumph Motorcycles, New And Used

Depending on your interests and financial considerations, you may be thinking about a new Triumph motorcycle. With Triumph's focus on classic lines and exceptional workmanship, it will be impossible to find a new motorcycle that you don't like.

We stock many of the Triumph models such as:

  • The "Adventure" line
  • The "Classics" line
  • The "Cruiser" family of bikes
  • The Triumph "Roadsters" designed for street action
  • Supersports" bikes for sporty action
  • Touring" models

Our staff can help you make the decision that is best for your needs, and pair you with the perfect new Triumph motorbike.

If you're considering a used Triumph motorcycle, we offer many of the current designs, at a reduced price. Or if you are searching for a more vintage design, our stock of used bikes is always changing. Visit Rising Sun Motorsports for your Triumph purchase today.

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